Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Shower Cake Pops and Cookies

Retirement Cake

This is a cake I made for a friend of my Mums who was retiring. Its her and her grand kids and her hobbies.

Some Older Cakes

 Rose Basket Cake
 Play Dead Graffiti Cake
 Flower Basket Cake
 Play Dead Cake
 Gnome Cake
 This was a Hawaiian Bridal Shower themed cake. The filling is Coconut Cream.
 This was for a Happy Feet Cake, It's a Penguin I made out of Almond Paste. He was so cute no one wanted to eat him!
 Two teared fun mini wedding cake
 Pralines and cream cake with Pecans inside and on top.
Pug Cake. This was for a lady who's daughter had a pug and wanted one for a birthday cake.

Dinosaur Cookies!

Bridal Shower Cookies and Cake Pops

 Skeleton Reindeer Cookies
 Variouse Christmas Sugar Cookies, Sweater, Reindeer, Hat and Mits, Christmas Tree and Penguin.

 Lemon Mirage Pie
 Halloween Ladies Fingers
Mirage Candy Canes


Here are some of the sugar cookies I make. Its a basic sugar cookie decorated with colored royal icing and various sprinkles. If you are interested in ordering cookies I have cookie cutters for every occasion and holiday. If you don't see a shape you want just e-mail me and I can get the shape you want!

Cake pops are my newist obsession I've created Chicks and easter eggs for Easter, Babies for a baby shower and brides and grooms for a wedding shower. I can make any shape or character you like. Just let me know and I'll make a test cake pop and send you the picture!